Our New Shisha Vase.

10 August 2019

New Designs of Shisha Base  for  Traditional Hookahs.

 - Looking forward to your        feedback  and for your orders.


Our New Glass Items For the Flower's Sentiments.

24 July 2019

Autumn  Collection of Glass Flower Vases and Glass Containers for Floristic Compositions.

 - Different shapes and sizes;

 - It is possible to manufacture according to     individual drawings.

 Glass  Cover
with wooden stand

02 April 2018

Super popular Glass Cover with Wooden Stand.

- Transparent high quality glass ,

    can be from the crystal glass;

 - Smooth and with optical effect;

 -  Stands from the high quality wood ,

    can be different colors;

 - Can be with different handles;

 - Different shapes and sizes;

 - It is possible to manufacture according to     individual drawings.

 Glass  Christmass Ball 

14 September 2017

 Are you ready for the Christmas and New Year? :)
 Glass Christmas Ball

New production technology
- Handmade ;
- Environmentally friendly glass;
-Colored glass in mass ;
- New technologies staining (Lister);
- Various shapes and sizes;
- Christmas tea-lights balls;

 Glass  Bell Jar 
hit of  the season 2016 year

13 July 2016

 Glass Dome (Bell Jar)

- Can be ftom the transparent or tin glass;

 - Handmade

 -With the different glass handles or without it;

 - Glass or wooden stand;

- Different shapes and sizes;

 - Your shape-our execution.

 NEW  Easter 2016 year

23 February 2016

 Easter will be soon

 Easter gifts and souvenirs made of colored and painted glass.

 - Handmade

 - Manual painting

 - Covering of a thin layer of  porcelain

 - Height of each item can be 13 cm

 NEW   Catalogue Eco-Glass 2016 year

27 November 2015

We are increasing the range of the low-price segment of our products.

The new Catalogue of the Eco-Glass  contains more then 2700 items

 NEW  Glass Globe

09 September 2015

Decorative Glass Globe.

The Glass Globe 

-Toward off evil spirits and ill fortune.

-For your home , garden , Christmas tree.

Available D from 100 mm till 300 mm in the different colors.

 NEW  Wedding ceremony

15 July 2015

Vases for the wedding ceremony.

Possible on the flat foot. Multi usage.Can be as a memory of this remarkable event


 NEW  Christmas Decorations

25 June 2015

Christmas Balls

It's time to think about magic Christmas.



-Many diiferent shapes according to yours wishes and fantasy.

From the colored glass in mass with the small glass hook.


 NEW  Summer Bowl-Vases

15 June 2015

Design Vase-Ball

Vases for compositions in the form of a ball,apples and pears.
 Possible in several variants
-On a flat base
-At the  glass step
-With fixtures for hanging.


NEW Shisha-Vases

20 January 2015

  Bulbs for Hookah


 From transparent glass,

decorated,colored glass in the mass.



NEW Glass-Flowers

8 November 2014





There is nothing more beautiful than what was created by nature itself.
We're just trying to put this beauty in the glass.

We offer you new items from our main products.

Price-list on request

NEW Eco-Glass

The products can be made in the technique
-smooth glass
-optical glass
-colored glass in the mass
-stained glass
More than 1500 items

13 September  2014

NEW  Products with the different decor

Vases. vases-candleholders with Swarowski crystal.

On the transparent products and stained glass.

Can make any your individual decor.



3 August 2014

NEW  in B2B 

11  July 2014

-Lampshades for chandeliers
-Lampshades for table lamps
-Cones for juice from borosilicate or ordinary high-quality glass.The project is technically challenging,but nothing is impossible for us.

NEW       Souvenirs

Production of souvenir products according to your individual designs.

5  March 2014

NEW  Special offer for decorators

Vases-cylinder , vases-bowls,vases-stemware ,etc.

Many different shapes.

2 February2014

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