We   can   make   everything   from   the   glass    according  to  your  own  design


Vases are now is not  just vessels ,where you can put the beautiful creation of nature-flowers.Flower vase-this is like  a piece of art .

Each vase is made by a professional and unique by its form and character.This allows it to become a decoration of any interior.

We offer flower vases made from transparent and colored glass .

We can suggest you the vases with  3D -effects.

The different shapes and colors will satisfy even the most refined taste.Product height may exceed  100 cm.

Prices on the  request.




One of our main products line-made of eco-friendly hand made glass We use only natural ingredients in this kind of glass.There is the connection of the conteporary technology with the old Polish traditions.


Prices on the request.

 Vases- Candle holders


Vases-candleholders help to save the warmth and comfort of our home.The ability to use them as a flower vase ,as a  candleholders and ,just as a decor element,

makes these products the most popular.


Prices on the request.

 Glass Tableware

Glass tableware.





Prices on the request.

 Flower pots


Glass is a truly unique material,

it is possible to make everything,including the home for flowers.

Flower pots made of glass is one of our new directions.

Prices on the request



Hand made flowers from the colored glass in mass.

The height of each flower can reach 45-50 cm.We can produce the flowers for the 


Prices on the request.



Vases candlehoders.

Different shapes,

height 8- 30 cm.

From the transparent or colored glass in mass.

Very friendly prices.


Prices on the request.




-Crystal clear ransparent high quality  glass

-Colored glass in mass

-Decorated glass

-Different shapes

-Difeerent volume

-Can produce according to individual design.


Prices on the request.



We suggest you the lampshades for chandeliers and table lamps:

-Transparent glass

-Golored glass in mass

-Multi layered glass

-Multicolor glass

We do such products according to the technical drawings of our  clients.

Prices on the request.


 Christmas Balls

Christmas Decorations



-Different other shapes

-Shapes according to the request

Colored glass in mass ,with the glass hook.

We can produce those items from the clear glass  for your own decorations

Prices on the request.


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