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About us

IMPORTANT:  In addition to our serial glass products ,our company manufactures the products according to the  individual customer's design

Flask 25 x 25 w-gold
Flask 25 x 25  gold

  We are a young dynamically developing Polish company associated with the  production of  the glass products for domestic use.
-Decorative glassware,
-Souvenirs ,
-Floristic direction,
-Articles for the table layout,
-Drinking glass,
-Manufacture of the light bowls according to the customer's design,

- Glass vases .candlesticks, diffusers ,

- Glass and crystal shisha bases,
-We can make from the glass almost any of Your fantasies.


  What helps us to succeed?
-Our dedicated team ,
-Experience of our craftsmen who honor the old traditions of the Polish glassblowers ,
-Modern and efficient approach to problem solving,
-Honesty ,
-The quality of our products.

  We try to never say "no".

We offer products in the different price categories and for the most refined taste.

- Handmade products from eco-glass,the budget price category ,

-Handmade and pressed products from the high-transparent and high-quality glass,

-Handmade products from the colored glass High-Class ,exclusive, art-product


We carefully keep each of our client and open for any reasonable offers.

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